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World Trip

World Trip is an aquarium for watching goldfish and tropical fish. It is said that goldfish have been improved by breeding so as to look beautiful from above, since they had been kept in a shallow bowl in China and Japan. Thinking over how we could suggest a new way to watch goldfish, we followed tradition and came up with the idea to combine a world map with a fishbowl.

World maps are very familiar to us as human beings, and we immediately recognize the meaning of these shapes, which evoke images behind them. Many people would imagine a frigid landscape from the Arctic Ocean and a relaxing paradise from the South Pacific in contrast. On the other hand, the shapes of the world map mean nothing to goldfish. No matter whether it is the Antarctic Ocean or the Cape of Good Hope, goldfish swim as they wish with no empathy for human sentiment, and only the human imagination turns the casual activities of goldfish into travel around the world. We would like to propose the World Trip as the background to the adventures of goldfish.