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House with a Featured Tree

The House with a Featured Tree is a residence designed for a lifestyle where indoor life and outdoor activities blend naturally. The wide step-like terraces and the featured tree can be seen from several locations within the house. Each room is highly independent, while the house offers an aspect of assembly spaces interconnected to the terraces shared by family members, which prompts communication with each other through the outdoor space.

The family members of the client consist of the husband and wife, both of whom work, the daughter, and the grandmother, who also works. Though three generations live together, the house does not have physical partitions as do most two-family houses. Instead, the structure allows each to work and study independently without crossing paths during the routines of the day, since three of them work. Hence, by arranging each room in three directions with the stairs in the center, which functions as a vertical traffic line, the design of the house allows each to live and work without interfering with each other even though they have different time zones for activities. Additionally, the house has been built with each room facing the terrace and the featured tree as if there were several independent living rooms from the point of function, landscape, and activities.

The house was originally designed for four people, whose lifecycles were different, to live and work comfortably and independently. However, As a result, the house appears to have implemented measures to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as to handle digitalization and remote working on business and education associated with the situation. Family members can move freely between highly independent rooms and the shared terraces with plants in the house, where they can live a life that blends staying home with outdoor activities.

  • Credits Takuro Yamamoto Architects
  • Location Tokyo
  • Use independent residence
  • Site Area 86.51m2
  • Building Area 51.55m2
  • Total Floor Area 109.08m2
  • Completion June 2020
  • Design Period March 2018 – August 2019
  • Construction Period October 2019 – June 2020
  • Structure Wood
  • Client a married couple + 1 child, grandmother
  • Architect Takuro Yamamoto
  • Structure Design Takashi Baba Structure Design Office
  • Construction Remol Design
  • Furniture Tanaka Kogei